pt snuff films

This is a little old but is SUPER IMPORTANT TO DEMOCRACY. Indonesian director Damien Dematra has finished shooting on Little Obama, a film based very, very loosely on our President Barry Soweto’s formative years in the country. It looks very good. Look, that’s where Obama got his karate skillz! It all makes sense now! And […]

Drama in the White House, y’all! Notice how President Obama was completely unable to speak or form a coherent sentence after somebody killed his precious Teleprompter. Who will run the country, now that this piece of glass is gone? [BBC]

Working for the Republican National Committee would be so freaking fun. When your electorate consists of the dumbest shits in the country, even the simplest, most transparent appeals to nativism, homophobia, or provincialism will preserve your monolithic base’s loyalty for decades. And so here’s the latest creative output from the RNC — which, along with […]