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It is hard to be Mitt Romney trying to decide what he wants people to think he believes about immigration. He has to strike just the right note: not alienating Latino voters while being totally and constantly bug-eyed, Jan Brewer-style racist for the GOP base. The most important part of this three-legged stool, though? Being […]

Ramesh Ponnuru wants you to stop worrying about this so-called “gender gap,” Mitt Romney, because it does not actually “exist.” The evidence that Romney is lagging in the polls because voters are upset about a “war on women” — rather than because of a bruisingly negative primary campaign or the recovering economy — is pretty […]

God bless Bill Donohue, always striding forth and grandly opening his warbly old yap and letting the most insanely bigotty shit spill forth. Remember that time he was on Scarborough Country, going on and on about Hollywood and “the Jews” and then got a helpful assist from copanelist Jennifer Giroux who said, “I’m sorry but […]

Here is an interesting “nut graf” (JOURNALISM!) in a story from the AP about George Zimmerman, the fellow in Florida whom you may have heard (unless you watch FOX* or read Drudge) is claiming self-defense after shooting an unarmed teenage boy while muttering “fucking coons” under his breath. Now, suddenly, people are wondering if the […]

Perhaps you have been concerned lately that maybe the Democrats were not being blamed hard enough for the GOP’s nationwide freakout about ladies, their plumbing, and how sometimes said ladies leave the men who hit them instead of nutting up and trying for once not to burn the goddamn roast. Popular outlet for “contrarian” and […]