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National Review Already Picking Sarah Palin’s Cabinet

There is some sort of election thing happening today, but that’s pretty boring because it’s not a presidential election and it doesn’t involve Sarah Palin. So today is really as good a day as any for the National Review to begin picking Discovery Channel teevee host Sarah Palin’s presidential cabinet, because her election to that job is pretty much a foregone conclusion or whatever; but they say Palin should announce this cabinet like right away, just in case anyone worries she would hire any fellow dumb people on her staff. “A conservative Republican unity ticket dedicated to restoring fiscal and economic sanity in Washington could, if played right, change history.” It could! A dog sniffing a machine gun covered in bacon in front of a crowd of people could also change history, but a President Palin is slightly more likely to happen — and it’s fun to play dollhouse with her impending cabinet selections — so the National Review has done this for all of the positions. Read more on National Review Already Picking Sarah Palin’s Cabinet…