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The Senate, for those unfamiliar with the august body, is sort of like the US version of the House of Lords; and like the House of Lords it is populated with harelipped dauphins who make ribald jokes with each other between bouts of pleurisy, gout, and cavorting with fast women, such as each other’s spouses. […]

And you all thought Washington wasn’t sexy: the office of ambitious young House Republican Whip Eric Cantor has confirmed to your Wonkette that instead of watching President Obama’s boring press conference last night like the rest of us dingbats, Cantor and a bipartisan group of legislators attended the Show Of The Century at downtown’s Verizon […]

MOCA DC, a small nonprofit gallery near the canal in Georgetown, prides itself on showing under-represented artwork. But its Erotica exhibit opening tonight is probably not the kind of material lacking for a market. It kicks off with a live photoshoot of a Playboy model, and marches on bravely from there.

DC lives up to its sexy new reputation tonight, with not one but TWO events based on humanity’s favorite past time after reality TV.

Important online newspaper The Huffington Post has put up a crucial gallery of Joe Biden and his wife, “Teresa Heinz,” kissing on Inauguration night — a veritable metaphorical TRASHING of the office in which Biden serves. Can Joe Biden escape this latest gaffe of kissing his wife in public? [HuffPo]

OMG we just had so much fun, right, at Wonkette’s Inaugural Ball last night. Just soooooooooo much fun. Packed, it was! Now, between (a) your associate editor’s lack of a camera and (b) your associate editor’s hour-long absence from the party after the kegs ran out at midnight, when he and Liz drove to HYATTSVILLE, […]

Every terrible oversexed gay hedonist dildo-slave recreational-abortionist Democrat in America had sex with every other Democrat in America on Tuesday night in order to celebrate the election of our emperor-clown, Barack Obama. Apparently this is common behavior among humans, this “having sex for fun” thing. Humans also do it when they are sad, or happy, […]

SEXYTIME  6:55 pm August 21, 2008

by Ken Layne

MILE-HIGH HAPPY ENDINGS: “Whether You’re Looking for a Stiff Drink or a Swedish Massage, the Mile High City Has Plenty of Ways To Recharge During the Democratic National Convention.” [Associated Content]