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  sex fear violence repeat forever

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder Enjoys Recreational Lady Stalking

Unmarried elected Republican lieutenant governor Peter Kinder loves throwing money at a hot former Penthouse lady reasonably close to his own age. That “scandal” only ranks about a three out of ten because… eh, there’s the “adult lady” part. But is there some fine print? Sure: “[Tammy] Chapman alleges that while she gave the state senator private dances, he would grab her by the shoulders and aggressively try to force her head into his lap. ‘He’d pull me down to his groin — really, really hard, to the point that it hurt me,’ she says.” More scandal-ish! But it’s hardly news that all male Republicans, even closeted ones, are always aroused by spiritual, political, economic and physical violence against women, so it’s not much of an exception as scandals go. Maybe still just a six? NOH WAIT, here it is: creepy red-faced ogre Kinder continued to hang around Chapman’s place of work even after she asked him not to visit and “found her” when she went to another employer and asked her to come live at his condo in order to “snuggle up” with him. That’s Jesus-speak for “sex until your brain bleeds tumors out your ears.” Ding ding ding! Elected official sex fiends never disappoint. Who’s paying for the condo, incidentally? Read more on Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder Enjoys Recreational Lady Stalking…
  sex fear violence repeat forever

‘Dead Osama’ Merchandise Makes End Of America Official

Uh, what’s that famous & misattributed Sinclair Lewis quote? “When fascism comes to America, it will be wearing a sexy WE GOT HIM ladies-tee, and it will have an iPhone squeezed between its voluptuous titties, so that the government will always know where it is.” Anyway! Now all you war-mongering yuppie mongrels can purchase “Osama’s Dead” t-shirts for your dogs, so that they can have something fancy to wear at the “dog park” whilst you pleasure each other with freedom-dome in the bushes, or wherever. If Joe Goebbels were alive, he would be masturbating so furiously right now that his dick would catch fire from all the violent friction. Read more on ‘Dead Osama’ Merchandise Makes End Of America Official…