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Here’s the latest wacky photoshop going around the wingnut blogs: It’s the Oval Office, but full of hilarious socialist iconography and some old-fashioned racist fun. Can you identify the hundred things added to this image to amuse jobless old white people on their ‘puters? And how many of these things would the confused elderly teabaggers […]

SERVICE JOURNALISM  3:15 pm February 10, 2009

by Ken Layne

HELP FIND THIS LOST D.C. DOG: This is Alli, a 17-month-old Newfoundland. She vanished the night of January 21, from Georgetown. Very nice dog, etc. Black nylon collar. [Find My Dog Alli]

Here is a cute little GOTV video out of North Carolina. North Carolina is wonderful place full of halibut fishermen, drug addicts, and anti-same-sex hog coupling activists. [News & Observer]

At first this might look like the Formula One guy’s kinky Nazi S&M hooker orgy, but no, it’s just Christopher Hitchens getting waterboarded while terrible spin-class techno music plays in the background. We look forward to the tasering video next. [Vanity Fair]