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Handy Photo Key For Crazy Oval Office Photoshop

Here's the latest wacky photoshop going around the wingnut blogs: It's the Oval Office, but full of hilarious socialist iconography and some old-fashioned racist fun. Can you identify the hundred things added to this image to amuse jobless old...

HELP FIND THIS LOST D.C. DOG: This is Alli, a 17-month-old Newfoundland. She vanished the night of January 21, from Georgetown. Very nice dog, etc. Black nylon collar.

Cancel Out The Vote Of Your Paint-Huffing Neighbor!

Here is a cute little GOTV video out of North Carolina. North Carolina is wonderful place full of halibut fishermen, drug addicts, and anti-same-sex hog coupling activists.

Hitchens Joins Ranks Of Brave Journalists Getting Tortured On Video For Public Amusement

At first this might look like the Formula One guy's kinky Nazi S&M hooker orgy, but no, it's just Christopher Hitchens getting waterboarded while terrible spin-class techno music plays in the background. We look forward to the tasering video...