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Tag: pt secrets

Is The ‘Real’ Rod Blagojevich This Libertarian Pamphlet Editor?

We have been looking far and wide for the ultimate Blago doppelganger and here he is: the famous local zombie editor of Reason, Nick Gillespie. Or is Gillespie just too cool?

We Always Knew Politico Had An Agenda, But Not This!

Wonkette contextual advertising operative "Erin" sends us this Offensive screen shot from a Politico article by two of the publication's four writers. Many have speculated that Politico harbors a right-wing bias, and this basically confirms it. They want someone...

MSNBC: Lindsey Graham Is A Gay

This is from the very special MSNBC.com "Candidate Brain Trusts" section, where you can learn about all the terrible careerists advising Our Candidates. Apparently Sen. Lindsey Graham, who definitely talks like a Gay and is very unmarried, is, in...

Oh Good God Jesse Jackson, This Might Be Rich

OK, we're *starting* to get a basic idea of what Jesse Jackson said, to a hidden microphone, about Barack Obama today. Here's his paraphrase in an interview with CNN (the actual footage will be shown in full on Fox...