pt second amendment remedies

We did not listen to Rand Paul’s Rand Paul Party Response to the State of the Union last night, so we are not sure if he talked up his latest, boldest legislative proposal to liberate Americans from a very specific kind of tyranny: the kind where you aren’t allowed to bring your gun into the […]

Fact: It is harder to find reasons why you can’t get a concealed carry license than reasons why you can in Tennessee. As long as you are neither a felon nor dead, your right to stuff your cock sock with a .22 is entirely safe from the forces of tyranny and oppression. Therefore it was […]

You may have seen this guy yesterday on Raw Story, yelling about how he was gonna start shooting people if Obama kept on being Obama (Hitler, obvs), except he kept taking his video down. Well, luckily, now he has a second video. It is very reassuring! In it, he says he does not condone aggravated […]

We hope you are okay, Amy Wood, wife of Idaho Rep. Fred Wood, since you sustained second-degree burns on your face and hands after your gun room esploded, causing the back patio slab to collapse into the room below.

Remember when your neighbors used to laugh at you for hoarding survival seed kits and gold coins lo these many years? Well, you’re about to get the last laugh because while they’re stuck living under the iron boot of Saul Alinsky John Roberts’ socialist regime like sheeple, you are locked, loaded, and ready for revolution. […]