pt say no to drugs say yes to tacos

CNN REPORTS: NASA’s Inspector General’s Office says an investigation is under way after a white powdery substance found at the Kennedy Space Center tested positive for cocaine. “Law enforcement personnel field tested the substance, which indicated a positive test for cocaine,” said Renee Juhans, an executive officer with the office. “The substance is now at […]

First the California Hippie Unions backed this so-called Legalize It law. And now normal, not-union hippies (the rest of California) support it. Oh dear, weed: In a new Field Poll of likely voters in the Nov. 2 election, the state’s Proposition 19 marijuana initiative leads by a 49 percent to 42 percent margin. The measure […]

America is one step closer to being encapsulated in an enormous hippie bong cloud, thanks to the evil unions: Adam Nagourney reports that one of California’s most powerful unions, the Service Employees International Union, has come out in support of a ballot measure to make California the first state to legalize the sale and use […]