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Sad news for American blastocysts, guys. Accidental zygotes are still not as sacred as you and I, now that the normals in Mississippi — whose existence was considered apocryphal until Tuesday’s election — have decided they’ve had just about enough of the pushy nuts behind up-and-coming fetus cargo cult Personhood USA. Final tally: a 59%-41% […]

Here is the latest photo from Central Propaganda to hit the airwaves. Pictured is President Barack Obama, “giving a shit about whatever is wrong with everything today, a hurricane apparently.” God, look at this guy, he needs a quaalude and a hand job. The hurricane canceled his vacation and he must now return to Washington […]

Wisconsin’s recall elections ended in the death of …we don’t know, probably all of human dignity last night when Democrats managed to recapture only two of the three state senate seats needed to pour water on the flames of whiny hell demon Scott Walker’s 24/7 Koch-sucking pajama party in the capitol. The final defeat was […]

Hello Wonkette readers! Your Comics Curmudgeon has had a good time also being your sometime morning editor, this year! But just as a “Realdoll” is not a substitute for human companionship, even the most personally fulfilling blogging gig is not a substitute for subsidized dental care.

SAD FACE  4:41 pm January 8, 2010

by Jim Newell

JOE BIDEN’S MOM DIES: Joe Biden’s old mom, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden, has died at 92. It is Joe’s worst “gaffe” yet. Our condolences to the Bidens. Now everyone go collect from your buddies who bet that Roberta McCain would go first. [The Page]