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You Know What, MSNBC Focus Group? Just Stay Home. It’s Okay Not To Vote.

MSNBC finds world's saddest undecided voters. Still.

Was George W. Bush Drunk At The Memorial For The Slain Dallas Police Officers?

On a scale of one to Dana Rohrabacher to Sarah Palin when she was endorsing Trump?
The 'moderate' one

Donald Trump So Mad Loser John Kasich Won’t Just Quit Already

Man, it is almost impossible to keep track of the things that Donald Trump will bluster over/lie about/deeply misunderstand. We thought about asking Shypixel to build a widget or something to keep track of it, but he retreated to the...

The Late Anthony Shadid Reporting From Baghdad, 2003

The great New York Times foreign correspondent and two-time Pulitzer winner Anthony Shadid died in Syria yesterday. He was among the best. Here's just one incredible piece we re-read last night, a dispatch from Baghdad in March, 2003, just...

John McCain Just Needs To Sit Down For A Minute

Jesus! This is the most painful video we've ever seen. Anyway, remember to vote for John McCain for ... uh, what, wait, uhm ....