pt rumors on the internet

Oh you thought ACORN went away forever? You are an April Fool because ACORN is just “reinventing” itself and when its good and ready it’ll resurrect and freak everyone out, just as Jesus once did. [RedState] Andrew Sullivan has a new Internet hobby: Looking at pictures of dudes with beards eating cupcakes. [The Daily Dish] […]

Barack Obama traded five captured Iranian commando terrorists, Jon Favreau, a nuclear warhead, and a Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card for one (1) journalist. Are you insane, Mr. President? Next time please consult Beckett’s baseball card price guide? [Power Line] Here is a story about a fellow named Ace, a man who wakes up every […]

Take a look at NOW! That’s What I Call Michele Bachmann Vol. 1, in which our gal smugly recites lines from The Bald Soprano at confused interlocutors and looks proudly on. [TPM via Gawker] Hollywood Box Office is making a feature film about that Lewinsky gal, the one from the 90s! Dennis Quad will be […]

The only people that like Obama at all anymore are a bunch of lazy illegals who wish they had jobs, and who, instead of just getting a job at a car plant or a Sam Goody (Not Bankrupt Yet! ™), hope that Obama can “create” jobs. Right. [RedState] Chuck Schumer will reprogram his new intern, […]

Tina Brown start-up “” has a new look and a new face and it is that of Barack Obama! Also a new blog called “the Briefing Room.” [ Sullivan] Jessica Alba, our nation’s greatest Latina President since Lincoln, told Team Fox News that Bill O’Reilly is an asshole. [Crooks and Liars] Famous irrelevant persons Sarah […]