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One day you’re bringing home six figures from CNN, the next day you’re unemployed and apologizing to the fucking Jews and trying to figure out how to get paid from Twitter. That is the complete Wikipedia entry for Rick Sanchez, the dumbest anchorman since Ron Burgundy. And now, for reasons we cannot even begin to […]

Rick Santorum seems very excited to lose the Iowa Caucuses in a landslide, doesn’t he? He’s got that fighting spirit back, and he’s not afraid to take on black people for supporting abortion rights. Black people, right? Who are they to say what’s a person and what isn’t? Sounds like a good campaign slogan.

With an embarrassing personal life, multiple bankruptcies and a repulsive physical appearance, Donald Trump would seem to be an ideal Republican candidate for president. And that’s why New Hampshire GOP voters are being polled on a potential candidacy by The Donald! But Trump denies he has anything to do with the poll, telling CNN, “It’s […]