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REVELATIONS  5:17 pm January 20, 2010

by Jim Newell

THE INTERNET IS JUST GROSS: “‘I had 1,058 requests this morning – mostly from men,’ [Ayla Brown] chuckled. ‘Not really sure if I’m going to be responding to any of them.’” We’re guessing that’s an initial 500 from “Jonah Goldberg,” the next 500 from “Swear To God I Am Not Jonah Goldberg,” and 58 from […]

Several weeks into a major publicity blitz by Rahm Emanuel and the MSM, it is a nationally known fact that Rush Limbaugh is President of the Republicans. But who is President of the Democrats? If you’d asked any Republican during the whole stimulus bill horror show, they would have answered, “Nancy Pelosi, naturally.”

“I want Obama FORGET OBAMA, Stick wit McCain you gone have some drama MORE WAR IN IRAQ Iran he will attack CAN’T BRING OUR TROOPS BACK We gotta vote Barack!” Peculiar. We’d like to hear what National Review has to say about this so-called “choice” the black children are dancing about. [YouTube]