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It has long been whispered in Washington wine bars and Jazzercise studios that Maureen Bridgid Dowd is the heiress to the tradition of the great bards of old, those who sang their lusty story-songs ‘neath the Maypole at Beltane and o’er the bonfires below Tara at Midsummer. In her Sunday column, she turns her ageless […]

Down in the bog called Washington, where the menfolk cut the peat to warm the home hearths, they do speak of the passel of Dowd children. There was Joseph, killed by fire, twice. There was Martin, who drowned on dry land. There was the first set of twins, who perished of plow elbow and altar […]

It is easy to lampoon Maureen Dowd when she churns out her usual nutty brew of redonkulosity. But our work becomes ever so slightly more difficult when she types an “acceptable column.” And it is nearly impossible to make fun of her when she writes a genuinely good column, the kind that is actually about […]

This week, Maureen Dowd’s Big Sexxxy Sunday Column contains exactly one interesting thought: “Obama is the victim of the elevated expectations he so skillfully created in 2008.” Well that is very fascinating, Maureen! That would even make a good Thesis for a Column. Too bad this cogent statement arrives 85 percent of the way into […]

My dearest Mo Deezy: In your Kute Sunday Kolumn, you call for the ouster of my boyfriend, Robert Gibbs. You think his recent Angrytime Yellsrant is evidence that he is adversarial with the press, hates his job, etc. Surprise! You have fallen for a very clever White Haus ruse. Maurizzle Dizzizzle, Robert Gibbs plays a […]

Maureen Dowd is an expert on marriage in the same way that Charles Barkley is an expert on winning NBA championship rings. In this week’s edition of Hot Jamz with MoDo, Our Lady of the Pop Culture References peers into her scrying pool and divines the meaning of notorious Basque separatist Michelle Obama’s need to […]

An early-morning tragedy (my camera broke) means your Hot Topix with Michele Bachmann is not happening today (she will return to frothy-mouthed ranting later this week). And so, in an unprecedented move, we summon the spirit of Nellie Bly and examine the legendary journamalististical stylings of Maureen Dowd in the middle of the week. She […]

We journey to the center of the MoDo in order to discover deep truths about ourselves and the world in which we dwell. In this installment, we learn about the teevee shows and the movie-films that Our Lady of the Bleeding Pulitzer enjoys. Also, there are many references to whores! Is Maureen for ’em or […]

Hi, Black People! Famous New York Times griot Maureen Dowd has written an entire column about what you adorable (chocolate) Munchkins do and don’t need. She also helpfully defines who is and is not Black Enough! Let’s parse her latest masterpiece, which is titled “For Rich Old White Ladies Who Have Considered Suicide, When the […]

So, Our Lady of Ginger Devotion Maureen Dowd wrote about how the Molesty Church says the attempted priestification of ladies is pretty much just as bad as making out with infants. And for the first time in the history of Reblogging Maureen, MoDo reached out and grabbed my heart. You know why? Because she’s pissed […]

Maureen Dowd is the LeBron James of Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times Op-Ed writers: powerful, skilled, and very, very black. This Sunday, her Op-Ed thingy was filled with her many opinions about her basketball-playing doppelganger. You know, most human beings would jump at the chance to leave Cleveland for Miami, especially after spending 7 years […]

Somebody tell Charlie Rose to get his ass to Hot Topic: Maureen Dowd wants to make sexytime with a vampire. Imagine, for a moment, that you are M. Dowd. Your journaliturgical home, the New York Times, reaches millions of humans around the world via print and the Internets. Now let us also imagine that it […]