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Bryan Fischer Still Obsessed With Boy Scouts’ Firm Young Buttocks

Look, Bryan Fischer, we are all getting pretty tired of the unseemly attention you have been giving to Boy Scouts and teh ghey lately. It as if this topic has turned you into some sort of tiresome one-trick…animal whose name we have forgotten at the moment. And of course, we knew that you’d go just a little more unhinged if the BSA actually ended its ban on gay scouts (but not scout leaders, because what is logical consistency anyway?) So now the BSA has gone and actually done that thing, which Bryan Fissure cannot believe they did, because how can he lose when he’s so sincere? Let’s see how Bryan is Contributing To The Discourse… Oh, hey! It is a twofer! On Friday, Fischer made a bitter butthurt joke about buttsex, and then Tuesday he followed up by blaming Mormons, because although they share Fischer’s rabid homophobia, maybe they also have a secret plan to bring back polygamy! That there is some logic. Read more on Bryan Fischer Still Obsessed With Boy Scouts’ Firm Young Buttocks…
  Purity of Essence

Wichita Ponders Great Question Of Our Time: Water Fluoridation

Election Sideshow Update: The city of Wichita, Kansas, is voting on a ballot measure that would, if passed, add fluoride to the city’s water for the first time since the John Birch Society pushed a referendum to ban fluoride in 1964. The measure, which deals with an issue that most municipalities in the country decided fifty years ago, was placed before the voters as the result of a petition drive by doctors and dentists, after the City Council had punted on the matter for decades. Happily, in today’s more-enlightened times, the citizens are discussing the measure solely on its scientific merits, free of the paranoia and hyperbole of those earlier debates. Ha-ha, we are joking — of course people are going bugfuck crazy over this. Read more on Wichita Ponders Great Question Of Our Time: Water Fluoridation…