pt public service announcements

Congress seems to feel that the record number 82% of Americans who hate their guts is still Not Enough, so the House is proposing a sneaky little update to the ancient Communications Act of 1934 that would finally allow the Satanic cavalcade of political campaigns and action committees to launch their ritual election season ear-rape […]

If you are currently sloppy drunk from kegs and eggs and planning on driving over to America’s Puke Fountain for Wonkette’s photo contest, here’s a tip: don’t. Embittered police, who don’t “have a problem with people celebrating their Irish heritage,” are really proving it by setting up drunk driving checkpoints all over creation. But don’t […]

We have an important and URGENT message for our many conservative readers who must not say *anything to anyone* until they’ve read this: your leader, Rush Limbaugh, has decreed that you are not allowed to criticize Bobby Jindal’s speech last night, got it? You do not want to be the next David Brooks or Amanda […]

Despite the fact that Math Porn purveyor Nate Silver has revoked beer’s hard-earned recession-proof status, we venture to guess there’s a few of us who may still find utility in “What’s a Girl to Do When It’s Time to Put Down the Drink?” — a one-woman show by Tara Handron about alcoholic women in various […]

Do you live in the Washington D.C. metro area? If so, you are probably going to die soon because there is a COUGAR on the prowl. According to Wonkette “Terp” operative “Chris,” security officials at University of Maryland at College Park are warning students that the dreadful monster, this cougar, has been seen hunting students […]