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ABC Won’t Have Andrew Breitbart’s Expert Poop-Leech Analysis Tonight

ABC News released an e-mail they sent to human poop-leech Andrew Breitbart this afternoon telling him he now cannot take part in their election coverage tonight even though America will miss his expertise in accusing minorities of racism. They definitely wanted Breitbart to participate in their online coverage, they say, but they were sick of him pretending he would spend all night on the teevee. It is okay for a peddler of the basest insinuations to talk about elections on their branded box on George Stephanopoulos’ Facebook profile, but not so for broadcast television, on which only but the most banal platitudes can be bandied about, for fear of FCC fines. It only took ABC days to figure out that Breitbart is not a suitable human being to bring anywhere near rational discourse, and so he probably already has flown to Arizona on their dime and everything. How is Breitbart reacting to this mean e-mail he purportedly received? Read more on ABC Won’t Have Andrew Breitbart’s Expert Poop-Leech Analysis Tonight…