pt post-racism today

Despite Arista Nashville’s commendable efforts to remove any trace of that straight from the necronomicon Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song, the soundtrack for post-racialism failure remains as a permanent stain on our collective memory. Our corporate musical overlords might have done their best to remove the acute threat that the song posed to our ears, but […]

Aw, yet another awful tweet about Barack Obama from the second president of the U of Texas College Republicans in as many months. (The first one was from that other popular genre of Republican poetry, “assassination jokes.”) The group’s current president, Cassie Wright, has even twatted out her thoughts in an adorable rhyme format! Maybe […]

What are the racist loonballs up to in …let’s see, Ohio this time? Sure, why not give Arizona a quick break? Antiques-collecting landlord lady Jamie Hein of Cincinnati is apparently the sort of person who came to mind when someone wanted to gift a 1931 sign from Alabama that reads “Public Swimming Pool, White Only.” […]