pt post-racial america

UC Berkeley College Republicans (newsflash: they have those!) want to make a serious point about how affirmative action is racist against white males, which they will accomplish by holding a bake sale that is racist against everyone else. Brilliant populism! The backdrop for this is a law proposed by California governor Jerry Brown that would […]

Post-apocalyptic America has a few rules still, like “stay out of trailer parks at night,” and “personal mobility scooters are hilarious, in every context.” Did we have to say that? NO, on to the real issue: America also has some very awful rules, like “automatically assume a black man walking into a bank with a […]

Inexplicably, the organizers of the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans asked an Obama impersonator to do a light comedy routine making fun of the president for a roomful of pasty napping olds. For some reason, the organizers thought it would be super funny to have a black impersonator show up onstage and make a […]