pt polling shocker

Well, here is what the librul pundits call a “bright spot” of news for Barack Obama, because despite the fact that almost 9 in 10 Americans can correctly identify the economy as a putrid rat carcass infected with colonies of soul-eating viruses, they can by a wide majority also still (MIRACULOUSLY, WE ARE IMPRESSED) correctly […]

A new Gallup poll shows sad person Barack Obama down by 5 points in a generic matchup with “a Republican” as his opponent, which if there were any Republicans running for president, this would be a problem for Obama. Mitt Romney and everyone else are still losing to Obama in the polls. The American people […]

Nobody quite knew what to make of Karl Rove’s very aggressive election night projections, but it seemed safe to conclude that he was trying to mess with Barack Obama in a very sinister and subtle way. People feared that Rove’s projection of 338 electoral votes set the bar too high, so that if Obama won […]