pt our flourishing economy

As America and the Entire Industrialized World dips into the second act of our 21st Century Greatest Depression, workers and employers are developing new skills to cope with the complete lack of money. In the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, for example, about a hundred actual qualified lawyers have worked in the “reserve” program, meaning […]

If you’ve been avoiding the Business News because maybe you don’t want to know how badly your 401k just got radiation-sodomized, let’s just bring you out of the fog and into the harsh light: Marketwatch reports: US stocks plunged deep into the red Tuesday, joining a global market sell-off that started in Tokyo as Japan’s […]

President Obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal today, and everybody who pays attention to these things said, “Eh, too much/not enough.” Even with the tax increases for the wealthy and the humble request that U.S. multinationals occasionally pay a few dollars of tax and the savage cuts to programs that help the very poorest people […]

Like a lot of people in ridiculous housing markets a couple of years ago, Jeremy Fletcher of Northridge paid way too much for a house in the San Fernando Valley because that was the only way to buy a house just a couple of years ago. He’s a swimming pool contractor, so there’s a double […]

Ha ha, this is our attempt at a “business news” headline. (We were never very useful at the business desk.) But there does seem to be some investor concern, what with everything in free fall around the world and especially in the oil-y parts. Meanwhile, in sad-sack America, big companies from Amazon to something that […]

Have you been worried that maybe the super rich global elite has been suffering since the economic meltdown began three years ago? Well thanks for worrying, but they are doing just fine. Sure, there was a bit of turbulence in their NetJets charter over some of the poorer parts of America and the larger world […]

Good news for the U.S. job market: The unemployment rate miraculously dropped from 9.8% to 9.4% in December, the biggest one-month drop in the official jobless rate since 1998! Coincidentally, this plunge in the number of Americans desperately seeking work coincides with more Americans dropping out of the labor force entirely, because there aren’t even […]

Here’s a fun mainstream opinion for your “Oh for chrissakes” files: The Week magazine says the GOP is intentionally sabotaging the American Economy so shit will be so bad in 2012, even Willow Palin’s pot dealer will be a “sane choice” for president. It makes a certain amount of sense, we guess? Just make things […]

Here’s some cheery news from the Roosevelt Institute: “Starting at the beginning of 2009, it is now more likely that someone who is unemployed will drop out of the labor force than find a job.” Uhh … that’s probably a bad thing, right? Anything else to weep about, behind the dumpster? “Underemployment, or those employed […]

It’s a good thing Obama sort of halfway gave that Consumer Protection Bureau job to his alleged friend Elizabeth Warren, because it sort of sounds like these are terrible times for the Consumer — who, by executive order, officially replaced the U.S. Citizen back in 1983. For example, U.S. Consumer Sentiment “unexpectedly declined” this month, […]

With one of every seven Americans — and 20% of all U.S. children — now officially impoverished, the nation is finally back to the official level of poors last seen during the 1992-1994 recession. Unofficially, the number is at least twice that high, as “experts think that people who are getting by on as much […]

Well, things may be bad, but at least we don’t have massive worldwide food shortages and accompanying riots in poor countries … oh wait, we do have that now? The New York Times reports: Food prices rose 5 percent globally during August, according to the United Nations, spurred mostly by the higher cost of wheat, […]

Not that you’d notice from the 40 million unemployed “workers” in this country, or the way all the houses in your neighborhood are being abandoned by night, or the miles of empty strip malls on the edge of every doomed American town, but experts in New York and Washington (the only two thriving cities in […]

OUR FLOURISHING ECONOMY  9:18 am July 2, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

HMMM, WHAT WAS THE NUMBER FOR XINHUA’S HR DEPARTMENT AGAIN?: Exciting new unemployment numbers are out and they are bad! 83,000 private sector jobs were added (130 to 150K are needed just to keep up with population growth), and hundreds of thousands of census workers have been tossed back into the job-seeking pool. The overall […]

The financial reform bill passed the Senate! So exciting. “FinReg” is what people called it, on Wall Street and also on Capitol Hill. Both Chris Dodd and Barack Obama are very happy/proud. So what did they do, anyway? It’s about 175,000 pages of legislation, so who knows? Wait, actually we do know: The financial regulation […]