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Lobbyists Being Treated Like Holocaust Victims In Massachusetts

It is that time of the day again when some U.S. politician, somewhere, decides to make some disturbing, illogical analogy involving Hitler and the Jews. Massachusetts state representative John Binienda is your man today, a man so upset about a congressional push for ethics reform that would require lobbyists to wear special identifying badges when they enter the Statehouse that he went ahead and… hey, you know where this going! Yes, he compared lobbyists sporting badges identifying them as dirty lobbyists to Hitler forcing Jews to wear tattoos in concentration camps to identify them to the Nazis. Lobbyists and genocide victims, they are the same people in this analogy. Read more on Lobbyists Being Treated Like Holocaust Victims In Massachusetts…
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Florida Senator Wants Obama And Biden Running Entire Clean-up Effort, Instead Of Going To Africa

Seat-warming Florida Sen. George Lemieux, a frenchy, is FURIOUS at Barack Obama for not getting in a wetsuit and using his magical powers to plug the oil hole with rainbows. “I wanna see my president not in a suit in Washington D.C. I wanna see him down on the Gulf Coast, not just for a day of photo shoot, but on the job, leading the effort.” It is his job, after all! “When he’s not there, I want Joe Biden.” Ha ha is that really what you want? “I don’t want him in Africa going to a soccer game.” That’s the perfect place for Joe Biden! Wait. Who the hell is George Lemieux, again? [TPM] Read more on Florida Senator Wants Obama And Biden Running Entire Clean-up Effort, Instead Of Going To Africa…
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Retarded Person Has Economic Theory

One of the Festivus Miracles of American Journalism is that the Wall Street Journal is such a very good newspaper despite the daily presence of its editorial pages, which are run by a couple of brain-damaged wingnuts who would be unwelcome on AM talk radio, as callers. Today, one of these comical editors has typed up a wonderful economic theory about the current global recession which was caused by unmitigated over-leveraging of fanciful mortgage-based securities whose existence was encouraged by artificially cheap and unscrutinized credit and the resulting collapse of those securities’ values and the resulting credit crunch combined with the deeply intertwined decline of the real estate, construction, mortgage, investment and commodity markets, which was the primary and undisputed cause of the halt in consumer spending which has unarguably created a feedback loop of unemployment, debt default, foreclosures and negative economic activity all over the planet Earth: This was all actually caused by somebody not saying “Merry Christmas” at the mall! Read more on Retarded Person Has Economic Theory…