pt old people gettin’ busy

Weird 91-year-old Republican state representative Martin Harty’s short career in New Hampshire politics is now over, because he said Hitler must have done “something right” and also that crazy people should be sent to Siberia for some reason. If Harty had only been about 45 years younger and maybe wore glasses to “look smart,” he […]

Some old people in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette went bonkers on each other because of political candidate signs on somebody’s lawn. While the brutal old-on-old violence occurred back on October 4, it is just now reaching the news media because, honestly, elderly people seem to always be going on about something and who has […]

Wingnut child Marco Rubio wants to be Florida’s next U.S. senator, but does he hate Florida’s main population group (old people) too much? The maverick teabagger youth went on the teevee this weekend to debate charming orange heterosexual married man Charlie Crist, just to tell the Alligator State’s millions of Olds that he would soon […]