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Here are just a few reasons why you should move to the Moon as soon as possible: Predictable asshole Scott Walker has threatened to fire public employees if his famous union-busting bill remains tied up in court. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is frantically Zeppelin-bombing brown people all over the world, for Freedom — and our trillion-dollar […]

We’re so glad that Lindsey Graham is leading the immigration reform push again, in this latest attempt to seal our terrible borders and treat illegal Mexicans humanely while still Punishing them. This is called GRAHAMNESTY GRAHAMNESTY GRAHAMNESTY and we wish Lindsey Graham were actually serious about doing it, instead of just using it as lame […]

Were you in northern New Jersey this morning? Ha ha, now you are in jail, maybe! Seems the FBI arbitrarily decided that today would be a good day to just arrest every powerful person for their obvious, constant corruption crimes, and so they did, and now most mayors, rabbis, and “men from Brooklyn” are in […]