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It’s a fresh, hellishly dystopian day for Mitt Romney and Co., collectively referred to as “Boston.” Until now, the press could only cover our fair non-incumbent at scheduled events or when summoned to transcribe amateurish spin. Starting today, a small herd of nosey scribes known as the “protective press pool” will follow Romney wherever he […]

Did you hear that President Obama allowed his daughter to go to Mexico with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents? Our friends on the right end of the political spectrum have been calling it poor leadership for the First Parents to send their child to Deathly Mexico after the State Department recently issued a […]

“[The bakery owner] says the [Drunken Negro] cookies are a caricature, and a work of art. He says no one got upset about the DEAD GEESE BREAD he baked after the recent plane crash. …The bakery owner says he’s not prejudiced. ‘My brother-in law, he’s Cuban. So, you know, I like everybody.’” This is probably […]