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Behind door number three is this bitch named Yvette, who isn't allowed at this gym anymore.

Texas School District Will Out Trans Students To Parents For Their Own Good, Even If That’s Bad

Thanks to Texas's terrible state leaders, the Fort Worth school district has ditched its policy that was friendly to trans students in favor of a policy that will require outing them to their parents if they want accommodations. Progress!
It's in the Bible.

Kentucky Senate Protects Christian Cake Bakers From Dirty Cake-Obsessed Homosexuals

Oh glory hallelujah, another state has stepped up to mitigate the destruction being visited upon Jesus-loving bakers, candlestick makers, butchers and fortune-telling prostitutes by the dirty homosexual demons who persecute them so, by offering to give them money for...

Former Pizza Kingpin Does Not Want To Pay For Your Whore Pills

Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, terrible baseball team owner, and a guy so Catholic that probably even the Pope thinks he needs to give it a rest, is very upset that this Obamacare thing will allow his employees...

Chick-Fil-A Grifts For More Of That Sweet, Sweet Anti-Gay Cash

What do you think, Chick-fil-A? Would only a fruitcake not love your party trays? Well we think you are aiming low! There are so many more people we can think of right off the bat who would not love...