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RNC Chairman Slanders Caterpillars, Says War On Women ‘Is A Fiction’

The war on women — is it real? Do elected people (some of them women) really want women to be declared as pregnant when all they really have is CRAMPS? Or is it all for the woman’s “SAFETY,” i.e. make sure they aren’t abused coming out of an abortion clinic by maybe not letting them go to one in the first place? This and other important questions were answered in a highbrow Bloomberg Television discussion featuring Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus over the weekend. And the important conclusion is that Reince believes that if the Democrats decided that caterpillars — common pests, sometimes stinging, sometimes furry, sometimes booger-like in appearance — were being victimized — probed, prodded, given a souvenir picture they don’t really want, told they are somehow pregnant from sex they will have in two weeks due to a strange glitch found in the time-space continuum — then the liberal media would similarly declare there to be a WAR ON CATERPILLARS! True or false? Read more on RNC Chairman Slanders Caterpillars, Says War On Women ‘Is A Fiction’…