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Shield your eyes!

Did Jeb Bush Personally Film Hardcore Porn Flicks As Florida Governor?

Made you look. But here is an interesting thing that is coming back up, now that Jeb Bush is one of the Republicans likely to lose to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Did you know that, while Bush was governor...

OMG, Michigan, Can You Stop Being Awful For Like Five Seconds?

Between the gay-hating paranoid that is the mayor of Troy, the vagina-hating legislature banning the word vagina (but not cunt), and this guy, Michigan has very clearly spent this past week trying to make Mississippi look tolerant and Arizona...

Does Use of Twitter During Iranian Riots In Some Way Absolve Twitter of Sucking?

Iranian media crackdown prompts Tweets and blogs

Will Barack Obama Save America’s Newspapers, With Money?

The sad saga of America's important newspapers has taken another downward turn, as it looks like the New York Times Company will maybe, probably, definitely shut down the Boston Globe, which it owns, for not making any money at...