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NERDS  2:37 pm August 21, 2009

by Jim Newell

IS NORM COLEMAN DEAD YET? Surprisingly, no! He is alive! And he’s doing the most liberal thing since the French Revolution this fall: being a teaching fellow at Harvard. His course will be called, “How To Litigate A Losing Case For Months, Just For The Fuck Of It.” (This is actually the topic of every […]

Hey Obama’s gonna be on the teevee in a few minutes to read Das Kapital from his TELLYPROMTARRS, all 40 of them. We’re commemorating this occasion with some classic racist Internet art from the campaign. What a schmuck, this guy! We’re watching CNN analyze the “goals” with this conference, and it’s already paralyzing. First thing […]

Hey so what’s going on with our old chums in crazytown these days? Oh how convenient, a reader e-mail: “Someone put TeamSarah on the blogroll. They also link to this incredibly stupid video.” Ha ha you MUST watch this magnificent film! It’s a standard recruitment tape for a suicide cult or the Dharma Initiative […]

We read somewhere, here, that Obama’s transition website,, was getting pretty Internettish these days. This is Obama’s thing, he does it all the time: using standard Internet crap — stuff that other politicians somehow haven’t discovered — to help his readers connect and engage one another on the issues important to them (and possibly […]