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The ‘Evangelicals Won’t Turn Out For a Mormon’ Narrative Is Done, Spent, Over

So, who still wants to expose the evil secret teachings of the Mormons, because Mitt Romney is one of them and he is running for president? This wishy-washy Beltway Wonkette hack author doesn’t and can’t imagine that any of the millions of liberals who’ve said “A candidate’s religious beliefs shouldn’t matter” or “Even if he was a Muslim, it wouldn’t matter” would suddenly find Mitt Romney’s religion in need of serious journalistic investigation. Oh, and the Evangelicals don’t care, actually, as this sorta-desperate and thin Washington Post report shows. Back in 1857, see, while the Mormons were on the move after being killed and expelled everywhere they went for being in the wrong religion, a rag-tag Mormon Militia ended up “turning the tables” and killing 120 people in Arkansas. The dead Arkansas people’s descendants still talk about it from time to time. So will the Republicans there vote for Romney, after he killed all of those people? Of course they will, because that was 150 years ago and Mitt Romney didn’t do it and they hate Barack Obama more than anything. Read more on The ‘Evangelicals Won’t Turn Out For a Mormon’ Narrative Is Done, Spent, Over…