pt moo moo baby

Uh oh, you naughty man, Roland Martin, playing the devilish Steele Game again. In today’s edition of “How did Michael Steele take the bait this time,” the communist CNN contributor Roland Martin, in his side gig for a black people thing called NewsOne, interviewed the triumphant cow and dared put forth this snare: “One of […]

Michael Steele has something to ask all of you in “the Internet Land” (the bathroom): let’s get our win on, baby? “Donate your face… to the campaigns,” he adds, as Bob McDonnell and his evil children plot to destroy him from behind. [Rumproast]

Perhaps the least hilarious of the hilarious things Michael Steele said in his interview with Univision was that the American health care system doesn’t need comprehensive reform — just a little “elbow grease.” Yes! Save the corrupt Medicare by passing a bill that bans prevents any aspect of Medicare from ever changing. These things, and […]