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Seattle’s famous alt-weekly The Stranger has a special new issue full of GOP Sexytime stories, mostly involving homosexual encounters with Jebus Preachers and other Republican types. But how do you know the “sweet,” “gently” and “sappy” guy you’ve picked up is actually a family values conservative? Well, maybe after you schtup him and vice versa, […]

Wonkette operative Lady MacBeth writes, “Jesus Christ, I’m stuck in the South of France. And all you people can do is cover tea party events??? There are so many of us stuck in Europe and humbled by language barriers and dirty laundry and stripey black-and-white shirts and Wonkette covers the tea party?!” Yeah well you […]

MODERN PROBLEMS  12:42 pm March 26, 2010

by Ken Layne

COMEDIENNE HATES HER GYM: Who is asking your editor about stuff he doesn’t know about today? Why it’s Sara Benincasa, comic writer radio person! Everybody has so many problems these days, because of Nobamacare. [True/Slant]

MODERN PROBLEMS  12:22 pm March 24, 2010

by Ken Layne

DRUNK STUDENT ON INTERNET SEEKS GIRLS: How does a brooding 20-year-old drunken college student on the Internet finally leave the dorm and get laid? Your editor’s answer may disgust you! [True/Slant]