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‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Might Include ‘Don’t Watch Modern Family’ Clause

Our man in La-la Land Stacey Campfield is actually seeing his dreadful “Don’t Say Gay” bill GET SOMEWHERE. The bill, which was adopted by the Tennessee Senate last year and amended to ban the teaching of all but “natural human reproduction science,” just made it through Tennessee’s House education subcommittee. Naturally the discussion surrounding the bill was disgusting and competed with, but did not exceed, Sen. Campfield’s own past statements about homosexuality. Did Campfield’s colleagues feel sorry, or something, that this poor excuse for a human was recently kicked out of a restaurant due to his intolerance of reality? In any case, House education subcommittee chairman Joey Hensley, trapped inside the heart above, remarked that along with not being able to say the word “gay” in schools, parents should not allow their children to watch Modern Family, because then they might realize that the thing they’re learning does not exist from their teachers actually DOES! Inside the TV! Read more on ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Might Include ‘Don’t Watch Modern Family’ Clause…