pt mixed messages!

Maybe Barack Obama’s attitude about 2012 is “Fine, you want this country? Please, help yourself,” because he is moving on – to the Middle East! Where he belongs, according to everybody’s handful of (crazy?) relatives who think Barack Obama is a no good Muslin terrorist. This is why he is totally taking the Palestinians’ side, […]

Drudge sirens and frantic arm flapping: a Washington Post reporter saw “War on Childhood Obesity” Gen. Michelle Obama over at the new Shake Shack diner in D.C. engaging in “talks” with one of those giant crushed cow-horse-goat anus cakes that weighs six pounds, has 30,000 calories and its own zip code or however that “your […]

Barack Obama has said a controversial “No, thank you” to the King of Norway’s very kind and very obligatory lunch invitation! Sometime before or after Obama’s hawky peace prize acceptance speech, everyone expected our President to feast upon Scandinavian pleasantries, possibly in a palace, with the King, like people did constantly in Medieval times. Who […]