pt miss him yet?

What’s that dang old George W. Bush up to these days? People used to talk about him all the time. Now? It’s like we can’t even remember what the deal was, with that guy. The main thing is that he is very scared of flying baseballs and scary baseball catcher-men. We would be scared, too!

George W. Bush’s dumb “autobiography” — is it just what it appears to be (a middling bunch of common knowledge and previously published anecdotes slapped together by ghostwriters and editors) or is it a postmodern masterpiece? Decision Points flaunts its postmodernity by blurring the distinction between fiction and non-fiction. That is to say, the parts […]

The revelations from George W. Bush’s blockbuster graphic novel, Stuff I Did, continue to slam America when it is most vulnerable and butt-hurt. For example, the longest serving president of the 21st Century (really, so far!) says he would’ve never been our beloved national leader had he kept his fun drinking habit. Imagine that! Just […]

Well, he still can’t talk good, but he seems more relaxed and at ease with himself than he did during those last seven or eight years of his presidency. And here’s your Good-Night Present, George W. Bush, mumbling softly in your ear, about whatever the hell, the “Institute of Failed Presidents” and the beauty of […]