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Meghan McCain to Playboy: I’m ‘Strictly Dickly’

You guys are gonna be sorry you ever said anything mean about Young Meg McCabe, for serious, because her new Playboy interview is out and she is basically the greatest political progeny ever. That’s right — even better than Amy Carter! Remember how you felt about Sarah Palin, when she was just Wonkette’s GILF and hadn’t yet peeled her face off to reveal the bizarro lizardoid replicant beneath? This is basically like that, except Megs opens her mouth and says stuff, and we still love it! Megs McCabe is Wonkette’s new Republican girlfriend! We like you! We really like you! Five best answers to Playboy’s 20 Questions, after the jump! Read more on Meghan McCain to Playboy: I’m ‘Strictly Dickly’…