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CNN Wingnuts Furious At Bill Press

Old liberal person Bill Press yesterday asked Robert Gibbs about "CNN's" Erick Erickson, who would love to threaten census workers with guns. This gave Robert Gibbs an opportunity to rip the dickens out of Erick Erickson and wingnuts, and...

Sarah Palin Wanted You To Watch Ladies’ Hockey Today. Did You?

Hmm. Well hopefully Sarah Palin took enough notes during the parts of the health care summit that she did watch, so that her conversation about it with Sean Hannity tonight can be as fact-based and productive as expectations would...

Old Man Types Furiously In Defense Of Joe Lieberman


Perhaps This Is Rick Warren’s Revenge!

Here we have the most recent entry from smarmy hippopotamus Rick Warren's Twitter page, the rest of which is SO. GRATING. GAHH. (Example: "If God says 2 things that appear contradictory, both are true.The problem is U trying to...

Fat Unemployed Adulterer Criticizes Sotomayor, On Twitter

Hmm, yeah, why *didn't* Barack Obama pick George Allen instead, since racism seems to be the soup o' the day? No person in history has been shat upon more than the white land-owning male.

*This Man* Will Make Sure Sotomayor Has ‘The Right Intellect’

Commenter and amateur vetter "SwanSwanH" makes this shocking discovery on that other thread about how John Ensign considers it his Constitutional duty to probe Sonia Sotomayor for any symptoms of Idiot Cancer. It appears that less than two weeks...

CA Secretary Of State Cannot Find The Tacos, On Election Day

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen oversees state elections, which occur on most days in California. Today is one of them! So someone get this lady a damn Taco from a truck already, Jesus. California will bleed tonight.