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Meghan McCain Finally Takes Offense At Someone Calling Her Stupid

Oh boohoo, Meghan McCain is furious because mean old troll Erick Erickson’s right-wing website RedState.com posted some kind of half-wit parody of Meghan McCain’s vapid Daily Beast columns that her lawyers say too closely resembles her actual half-wit columns to count as satire. The original post has been taken down, but the full version of it can be found here and includes such showstoppers as, “Some ignorant jerk, clearly who doesn’t know about the young people, pointed out that George W. Bush 1.0 won, two elections, which is two more than my dad did.” Why Meghan McCain chose to pick on RedState.com out of all the Internet media outlets that have mocked her over time for her mule-like insistence that she is relevant to Republican politics is anyone’s guess (or not, because no one cares), but we will go ahead and assume princess is jealous of Erick Erickson’s recurring gig shilling right-wing talking points on CNN. HOW IS THAT FAIR? Because Erick Erickson’s dad is not John McCain, so why should he get a better media job? Read more on Meghan McCain Finally Takes Offense At Someone Calling Her Stupid…