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Slow-Witted Liberals Finally Realizing Obama Is Their Enemy

Did you hear Barack Obama is giving a big speech tomorrow? He’s probably going to announce that the Koch Brothers will be managing his re-election campaign, and that the working poor will pay a 35% tax on all grocery and gasoline purchases for the next year, because “we all need to chip in to lower the budget or whatever” and talent like the Koch Brothers doesn’t come cheap! Can you believe anyone on “The Left” was ever excited about this Obama fraud? We can believe it, because we heard him lie through his phony smile for two years on the campaign trail. Remember how Barry was going to end the wars, rebuild America’s infrastructure, put renewable energy and mass transit all across the country, crack down on industrial polluters, raise taxes on the super-rich, etc., etc. All lies! Everything the guy has ever said was a lie. Back when Obama was blowing Weather Underground hero Bill Ayers in Chicago, that was just part of the elaborate deception, too. Leftist street cred. Same thing with the “Oh I’m down with Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder.” Obama hates “urban music,” and always has. Guy grew up in Hawaii, listening to nothing but Jimmy Buffett and Sammy Hagar. Read more on Slow-Witted Liberals Finally Realizing Obama Is Their Enemy…
  manchurian candidates

Is John McCain the Secret Communist?!

If there’s one thing nutty klanslady Sarah Palin is a-scared of, it is the Communist Threat. (And Katie Couric.) While there is no evidence of an actual communist country on Earth outside of, say, Cuba and … let’s see, that child army of Marxists or whatever in Nepal, it is still highly probable that a secret Communist could somehow win the presidency of our god-fearing anti-Communist country, America, and then covertly turn us all into Mao-worshiping Soviets! But which of our great presidential candidates in ’08 maybe has some “lost years” when the Communists maybe prepared him for this stealth takeover of the USA? Hmmm? Or should we say, HEHNGHH? Read more on Is John McCain the Secret Communist?!…