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LURCH  12:17 am August 27, 2008

by Ken Layne

IS KERRY TERRIBLE ENOUGH TO LOSE HIS SENATE SEAT? Probably not, and he’s aiming for an Obama Administration gig. But John Kerry’s got a comical Democratic opponent, and this Boston Magazine article by Joe Keohane is the best goddamned political feature we’ve read all summer. [Boston Magazine]

LURCH  2:36 pm July 29, 2008

John Kerry Party Boat Craziness!

by Ken Layne

Here’s your beloved 2004 presidential loser John Kerry, enjoying a “B.J.” on the docks of Nantucket, where he encountered a “party boat” full of these gals, especially this one with the “penis straw” (for practice) and then this one with the “crotch shot.” All of this is on, of course, because John Kerry is […]