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Mob Offers Free Club Sammich To White Supremacists

Tinley Park IL – Tinley Park is a small community that has a way of making anyone who visits feel right at home. It’s a place that allows people to know one another, shake hands with an old friend while walking down the main road and gather nightly at local restaurants sporting a ‘come one, come all’ vibe. Sometimes in towns like Tinley, feathers can get ruffled and little spats occur as they do in any family setting. This is a place where one can vent frustrations without fear of losing out on friendship. These modest folks don’t make it a point to cause any trouble. They just want to finish their day’s work, go to a local eatery, beat people with clubs, have their dinner and go home to fall to sleep in front of the TV. Read more on Mob Offers Free Club Sammich To White Supremacists…