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Mark Foley ‘Reaching Out,’ ‘Touching’ Young Republicans

You know what? There’s something charming about Mark Foley continuing to pretend he’s not deader than dead politically. It’s charming seeing him tread into the most obvious jokes over and over. He just doesn’t care. Sure, he follows half-naked 15-year-old boys on Twitter. And still talks about admiring from a distance shirtless teenage boys fishing on a lake. And only attends “Young” Republican events, especially if they’re at some sort of gay cowboy bar. He is secure with who he is and also wants to discuss municipal bond proposals! Nice work. Go for it, Foley! Just, for future reference, try to make sure the most ridiculously pedophile-looking guy in the place isn’t the one talking to the AP cameras, okay? Read more on Mark Foley ‘Reaching Out,’ ‘Touching’ Young Republicans…