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LIVEBLOGGING  5:43 pm February 24, 2009

by Ken Layne

ANNOUNCEMENT OF INTENT TO LIVEBLOG: Join us at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time as we begin a long evening of liveblogging Barack Obama’s special money speech to Congress, and Little Bobby Jindal’s special response (Jindal is a minority, too!), and all the usual jabbering dildos on the cable news. REMEMBER TO STOP AT THE LIQUOR STORE […]

That’s WALNUTS! after downing his fifteen nightly Ambien. What a nut. But, he showed up for tonight’s debate, and that’s more than he was planning on yesterday! So give him credit HE WAS IN THE WAR FOR CHRIST’S SAKE JESUS. Anyway: tonight’s debate is about race. No. Foreign policy… of race? we have four 40s […]

LIVEBLOGGING  7:24 pm September 3, 2008

by Ken Layne

YOUR WEDNESDAY NIGHT WONKETTE-RNC SCHEDULE: Live coverage and liveblogging of our favorites dudes: Billionaire space monster Mitt Romney, squirrel-licker Mike Huckabee, and rancid rat beast Rudy Giuliani! Plus: There’s some lady from Alaska, the beloved statesman Sarah Palin, who has more experience than Gandhi, Churchill and Stalin put together! [The Page]

Yikes, the entire world is trying to read about Sarah Palin on Wonkette right now! So crazy. Anyway, our Alaskan GILF is now on stage and we’re liveblogging it. She’s a pretty girl, so we guess she’s qualified to be president! But good lord we did not realize she had such a squeaky voice.

Ugh, ack, yes, Barack and Hillary are having their UNITY rally right now, in UNITY NEW HAMPSHIRE, where they talk about UNITING for BLACK POWER… BARACK OBAMA up in this MUHFUCKA, with HILLZ. We missed most of it. Let’s liveblog what’s “left”!