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Tag: pt lies and the lying liars who tell them

He looks a little like George Tenet.

BREAKING: George Bush Never Lied About WMDs, Was Gullible Idiot All Along

Far be it from us to argue with one of the esteemed legal minds responsible for exonerating Oliver North, but this editorial by Judge Laurence Silberman arguing against the proposition that George W. Bush lied the country into war...

Bill Clinton Gives Romney Welfare Ad All The Pants-On-Fire Pinocchios

Bill Clinton, a former president of US America and the world's best-loved nympho-man, is "especially disappointed" in Mitt Romney today, for being a dirty pants on fire liar, in this particular case, about Obama slapping all the white people...

What Is Mitt Romney Lying About Today?

Did you know that Barack Obama hates the US military soooo much that he is trying to take away their voting rights? Mitt Romney said it, so it is a thing that could possibly have been true! (Haha,...