pt let’s have a war

This post is brought to you by our friends at EMILY’s List. 2013 was quite the year for the GOP and their never-ending fight to restrict reproductive rights. We saw House Republicans introduce their annual bill to strip funding from Planned Parenthood. Several state legislatures filed new “Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers” or TRAP laws […]

The lack of internet access on planes used to provide people a bit of a forced break from being constantly connected to the miasma of awful penetrating our daily lives. However since Wifi access became a more or less standard feature on long flights, many people have decided to take advantage of this contained period […]

Hey you guys, quick question, it’ll only take a minute. Which would you choose, food stamps or the Department of Defense? Because Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, posed this ethnical dilemma in the headline of her op-ed piece over at the Wall Street Journal, and you’ll NEVER GUESS which one she […]

Hey chicks, put away your AKs and your ammo belts, the War on Women has been called off. The GOP loves you now! It cares about you! It appreciates you, even! And the way we know this is because a lady died after she had an abortion — she hemorrhaged, that is so sad for […]

There is much to say about the current state of the GOP, but let no one say that they are not adept at multitasking. Waging a war on women AND on voting is probably not easy, but here they are, imposing all kinds of restrictions on abortion as well as new laws in ten states […]

Quick, everybody! To the Youtube version of the Book of Leviticus! There, you can listen about what kind of extra-virgin olive oil to anoint yourself with while you scatter the ashes of’s charred corpse! But why are you sacrificing Budget Travel to your cruel and vengeful Yahweh? Oh, only because it hates all Christians, […]

Whew! Tucker Carlson’s Daily Callgirl couldn’t quite figure out how to blame Barack Obama for Trayvon Martin’s death, but thankfully star “reporter” Matthew Boyle came up with the next best thing: President Barack Obama only commented on the death of a young man shot by a guy muttering “fucking coons” because the Black Panthers told […]