pt Let God Sort ‘em Out

We weren’t planning to do anything on Ariel Castro’s suicide, because really, “horrible person kills self” is just not brimming with comedic possibilities. And then along comes Eric Bolling on Fox’s The Five with this brilliant observation: hey, by committing suicide, Castro saved the Ohio prison system a whole bunch of money, so let’s look […]

We remember seeing this book, Raymond Briggs’ The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman, when it was released in 1984. Any youngsters among the Wonkettariat may need a bit of background on the Falklands War before watching. (Hint: It was a bloody postcolonial fuck-tussle in which Argentina invaded some islands to prove it […]

Clifford Russell, a nice man working in the Mitt Romney campaign office in Bedford, Virginia, has a plan to reduce this awful entitlement culture that we have here in US Amercia. During a visit from freelance writer Christopher D Cook., Mr. Russell expounded on a number of important issues, proclaiming that global warming is “a […]