pt legalize it

All y’all with your Bubba hard-ons can leave right now until the next post comes on. Official Wonkette Editorial Policy proclaims Jimmy Carter the bitchinest, raddest, most fuckin’ greatest of all living ex-presidents and probably the dead ones too. Former President Jimmy Carter said that he favored legalizing marijuana during a panel discussion broadcast on […]

There are so many reasons to love Elizabeth Warren and now she has given us yet another reason, which is that she wants you to be free to get hiiiggggh. If you have cancer, that is. And a prescription. From a REAL doctor, not from a “Farmacy” like they have on every street corner in […]

From the US perspective, the Summit of the Americas was super awkward this past week, and that’s not even counting that Secret Service thing (goodness gracious!). No, it was also awkward because everyone disagreed with us, about everything, ALL WEEKEND LONG. It was like they don’t even think we own the place!

Many Americans have long argued that the decriminalization of certain routine behaviors would provide economic relief to local governments that spend gazillions of dollars throwing people in jail for doing things that really shouldn’t be such a big deal. Well, America, the great minds of Topeka, Kansas are finally listening: Possibly soon, recreational wife (or […]