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Do you kids like the TED talks? They’re a series of conferences where David Brooks pretends to explain scientific innovation or a “social media pioneer” babbles about how clicking a new computer button on a computer program will save Africa or… well, let’s just see what the top video on their website is right now: […]

Everybody’s super favorite (not kidding) schoolmarm/Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has had a rough week. She did not have a good answer to why she used to say she was Native American. (To us, “our family always thought we were,” which is true, they did, was a waaay better answer than what she eventually came up […]

LAMERS  5:52 pm April 9, 2010

by Jim Newell

OH COME ON: Dawn Johnsen, the nice lady who would’ve made an awesome head of the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel (PEOPLE WHO WRITE TORTURE MEMOS), has are you kidding WITHDRAWN her nomination? To head the Office of Legal Counsel? Ugh, lame. She was appointed last year, and then her Senate approval stalled for […]

It seems kind of crazy to think that encouraging a bunch of ignorant, racist, paranoid fucktards to hate the United States Government might actually backfire on the Republicans who would like to be in charge of that very same United States Government they’re encouraging a bunch of ignorant, racist, paranoid fucktards to rise up against, […]

First they typed some crazytime Twitter stuff, then they typed anger-bear Facebook messages, and now they’re posting poorly Photoshopped pictures on Scott Brown’s Facebook page. What could be next? Is there anything left to do, on the Internet, about this traitor motherfucker Scott Brown? Anything shy of getting up from the computer, we mean? How […]

Doug Hoffman, the wingnut geek who forced the Republican out of New York’s 23rd congressional district special election but then lost that election to the Democrat and then proceeded to concede and later unconcede, finally admitted defeat (again) today, which caused the spontaneous pregnancy of Sarah Palin (again) and the immediate sale of 1 gazillion […]

Here’s our main man, “Bob” Gibbs, responding to the lady’s question about Tom Daschle’s *sudden* withdrawal. Gibbs is hilariously evil, usually — you can tell sometimes that he wants to find a nosy reporter’s children, throw them over a cliff, and then chuck firecrackers at their bodies — but he just doesn’t seem to enjoy […]

This fantastic McCain Campaign fire sale doesn’t just provide gadgets and office supplies on the cheap — you can also buy enough Republican VIP personal information and incriminating emails to run your own failed presidential run! Local teevee station Fox 5 sent somebody over to the Everything Must Go sale, and while most of the […]

Joe Lieberman has been so mad at Barack Obama this election because… because Barack Obama campaigned for him in 2006 and Joe Lieberman hates black people? Mmhmm! Joe Lieberman’s gayness for John McCain has led him to call Obama “dangerous,” a traitor who doesn’t care about his Country, and yet he still holds a committee […]

LAMERS  7:02 pm October 20, 2008

by Jim Newell

SUCKS TO BE JOE KLEIN: HA HA HA, whiny Time conventional wisdom scribe Joe Klein has been banned from both the McCain and Palin planes because why waste a good seat on such a predictable man? Best McCain-Palin campaign move in months. [Michael Calderone]

LAMERS  1:52 pm September 12, 2008

Andrew Giuliani Throws Apples At People

by Jim Newell

Over the summer we mentioned that Andrew Giuliani, the son of 9/11, was suing Duke University because “he was wrongfully kicked off the golf team,” because talent should have had nothing to do with whether he made the cut on a sports team. But maybe this stuff does: “Duke said in a court filing Wednesday […]

LAMERS  1:47 pm September 1, 2008

Paultards Attack St. Paul!

by Ken Layne

Your Wonkette was just having some drinks at various patio restaurants in downtown Minneapolis yesterday when strange dorks began walking around, in bizarre costumes. Here we have, uh, “Ninja Hitler,” maybe? And he’s pulling a gimp in a wagon made of … household garbage? Like many other disheveled stringy-haired losers seen around town on Sunday, […]