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FBI Raids Computers of Koch-Monster Scott Walker’s Henchwoman

Another of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s propagandists on the public payroll had her home and computers raided by the FBI and state police, on Wednesday. The “former top aide,” Cynthia A. Archer, is currently on “paid sick leave” but had been the deputy chief of Walker’s comically corrupt administration. What did all the G-men want with this Walker tool’s computers? And why had she passed one off on her neighbor, who happily handed it back to the FBI so they could do forensics on the hard drive? Oh, it’s all part of this sketchy Walker operation to have a bunch of his goons (on the government payroll, of course) flood blogs and websites with comments supporting Walker and his Kochian policies against the citizens of Wisconsin. Read more on FBI Raids Computers of Koch-Monster Scott Walker’s Henchwoman…